20 February 2013

Princess Mimi Almond Brown Lens Review

Hi hi my little monsters!
How are you all today?

I'm going to be writing a reviewed sponsored by PinkyParadise today!
Around Christmas PinkyParadise offered me to do a giveaway & a lens review.
The giveaway ended after New Years and I've been busy so this review has been delayed.

But now I'm all caught up with stuff so I managed to get some photos took!

Okay so this is the contents of the package.
The lenses come in a foam-type wrap so they're secured well!
All orders come with a free random animal lens case & a mystery gift *when using a code* 
- Mine is riiri-chan 
The mystery gift I got was velcro hair strips! I always use these to keep loose hairs off my face when doing my makeup.

Princess Mimi Almond Brown
Tsubasa Bambi Series
Diameter: 14.5mm

Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal

Here's the vials that the lenses came in.

On top of the vials there's stickers showing the lense type/make and the prescription. I use plano *0.00* as I don't need glasses 24/7 only for reading/using the computer/playing games/etc.

There's the official Geo stickers  showing that the lenses are legitimate.


Both vials open

Lenses with my case and lens tweezers

One lens in

Both lenses!

I've been wanting to try out these lenses for a while since I've had the Princess Mimi chocolate brown lenses and I have the Sesame Grey lenses which I really love.
I've been looking for some natural lenses that blend well with my iris and enlarge at the same time! I've seen pictures of people wearing these lenses and I really wanted a pair for myself! I'm so glad PinkyParadise offered me this opportunity, I really appreciate it! 

One lens

Both lenses

These lenses give a natural enlargement, they're not too big to make you look creepy when wearing them. Since they're only 14.5mm I'm really pleased with them as they look bigger than other 14.5mm lenses that I own!
When putting these lenses in, they're easy and I literally can't feel them when wearing them. Even after 8 hours of wearing them they're still comfortable.
The colour of these lenses aren't bold. You have a thick black outline with a small almond gradient effect.

These lenses are by far the best lenses I own! The most comfortable, natural and a great design. 
If you're new to circle lenses and you want some natural brown lenses I highly recommend you get these lenses!
Even if you're an advance lens wearer and you still haven't tried these ones out then you really should!

Here's some random photos of the lenses;

You can use the code riiri-chan for a free animal lens case & mystery gift with every pair of lenses!
The code has no expiry date and can be stacked
For example;

1 pair of lenses = 1 cute animal lens case + 1 free mystery gift
2 pairs = 2 cute animal lens cases + 2 mystery gifts
3 pairs = 3 cute animal lens cases + 3 mystery gifts
a minimum of 1 pair of lenses is required 

This was me today;
My outfit;

Thank you all for reading!
I hope you have a great day!

~ riiri x


  1. wow this lens really makes your eyes looks larger :D

    really love your outfit <3


    1. They're amazing! ^-^
      Thank you so much! <3

  2. So pretty :) They are supposed to be 15mm though? :O like the rest of the series

    1. They say 14.5mm on the bottle :c
      I always thought these were the smaller ones of the series - I have the sesame grey & chocolate brown ones too >0<

  3. Lovely lenses :)


  4. I have these and they make me look really creepy... But they look good on you and in pictures of other people too! I think maybe I just have to wear it with makeup on

  5. Almond Brown Lenses seems really very beautiful....they made your eyes look bigger and gorgeous too.

  6. your outfit and tattoo is driving me crazy :D So lovely and chic <3
    and your eyes definitely look very natural with them on! I always try almond-brown big eye contacts because i am afraid of a change :D