6 March 2013

Become rich on Line Play ♥

Hi my little monsters~!

Today I'm going to share the trick I learned for getting gems!

Line Play has suddenly became a huge hit, they also hit 4,000,000 players.
Line Play is one of those games that requires in-game money. 
Here's a video that gives you a quick insight to the game~!
You can earn around 700+ gems a day just by doing the tasks;
- Give 20 hearts (10 gems each)
- Clean 20 items (10 gems each)
- Water 20 plants (10 gems each)

Once you clear those tasks you will earn 100 gems as a bonus~!
Make sure you have a plant in your room as well as furniture because that allows visitors to earn more gems when they visit your house, which also gives you gems too!
You will also get little notifications for needs such as eating, sleeping, bathing and sitting down. You can earn 5 gems from each task~!

Now these are just all the known ways of getting gems.
Of course we can't forget the invitation codes.
Everyone is given a code that you can find at;
Settings>Profile>Invitation code

You can add 5 people's codes and Invite 10 people using your code~!
Doing this will give you and the other person 1,000 gems each
So you can earn 15,000 from the codes too!

AFTER ALL OF THIS you can then earn extra gems by this little simple trick!

Now, you will need to download the Apps;
- Line
- L! Match *Line Match*

Once you have those you can start the gems overload! 
Make an account on Line if you don't already, I presume if you're playing Line Play you already have Line but if not then yeah, make one~!
Then go to L! Match and set up a profile there. If you want.

L! Match is kinda a place where you go to find friends to add on Line. It's full of people looking for sexy time probably ahaha. You need to be careful If anyone tries to talk to you then just block them or whatever.

Anyway. On L! Match you need to find people whom you presume don't use Line anymore.

The way I guess this is to look through the timeline *or do a search* and look for the dates of the last updates.
Then the bar I circled you can click and it will copy that persons Line ID.
You then go to Line and add that person as a friend.

Sometimes the persons ID isn't valid but if it is then just add them as a friend.
Once you've done that they will automatically appear in your friends list.

Now just keep adding a bunch of people.
Once you've added a few head over to Line Play and look for this
Click that and you get 1,000 gems.
so if you keep inviting a bunch of random people you'll earn a ton of gems. You can always filter through your friends list if they accept you and delete them haha.
Never give out any personal information!

Also for people whom are looking for Japanese friends you can use Line to add people and try talking to them, there's a ton of Japanese people online although it's said that Line is used for prostitution among Japanese high schoolers so you might encounter some weird people haha.
If you want to speak to random people this is always a way to do so, but remember to keep yourself safe!

Other than this you can also buy gems if you want to waste your money haha~

But yeah, there's the secret to mass gems!!

You can also add me~!

I hope this helped~! 
Thank you for reading~!
Have fun and play safe!

- riiri 


  1. I wish I had an android phone so I could download this! The Windows app store sucks :P

    1. I think it's only on iphone >.< I have an android phone and I can't find it anywhere..

    2. Sorry I will try and fix your problem okay hon!

    3. you can just download an android emulator on ur Pc. So u can play Line Play on your PC! may this will help

    4. Its for android and iphones :)


  3. I don't really get it. Why do you have to find people that don't use it? And when I add people on Line and go to Line Play, it doesn't give me the option to invite them, just adding? What if you already used up all your invites, can you still do it?

  4. Thank you so much for this!!!! Line play wasn't that much fun cause I always had no gems, and now I'm rich and I have a new love for the game again!!!! :)

  5. Unfortunately there's a limit of only 200 invites...after that, line play will not allow further invitations:( no more gems for me sadly

  6. Is there a way to delete Line(chat)friends??

    1. sadly I don't think you can, you can always log out of the app, delete it and try making a new Line account to see if that offers more invites for line play or if you just want a clear contacts list haha

    2. Aww that's too bad. Thanks for the advice!

    3. Yes there is, there is an edit button and you can delete them that way

  7. why after i download, the jap message error keep pop out?

  8. if you invite too many people, will some of them hack your account or phone? D:

  9. heey, what if we already reached our invite bonus? the limit is only 200 people. if we reached it, what other motives we can use to cheat?

  10. Is there any other way?

  11. They said that 200 are the maximum of adding in the Line app.. but why me? i just added 20 and when i search someone it says maximum.. -...-

    I don't get it ..

    Help please! ~ ♥♥♥

    PS. I'm not the ANONYMOUS up there! ^^^^

    Please Reply..

    -Thank You!-

    1. It's probably because you invited too many people at once and so Line detected that you were spamming invites. :P Hoped that helped. -KaylaCha.

  12. i just can 20

  13. Kate says:
    You can add 200+ on LINE, but that doesn't mean you get to invite all of them and get 200,000. NO. Some people cannot get invited because they are ALREADY in the game. You can only get 1,000 from those invites, that have a LINE account but not a LINE Play account. ^-^ Basically, you have to add much more than 200 people -_______- Annoying, right?

  14. use 5 digits numbers like 01212, 23452, 23523, 85435, 92485, 01243 in the search box to find people and add as friend. That's an easy way to reach the 200 people invitations ;)

  15. These are not cheats, these are completely legal ways of getting gems. We want cracks people.

    1. laughing because its true

  16. L-Match isn't available in the US anymore!! What do I do?

    1. Go to your "Line" app. Select "Add Friends" (top left). Select "Search ID" (top right). Search these key names and add friends (as many as you want to invite): [[aaaa, akera, akeru, apple, attt, axel, azzz, bgff, brgr, caas, caav, cait,

      casti, cream, daan, deww, dlie, dsss, dwww, eeep, enng, esss, exxx, faas,

      ferry, fffff, fftr, fill, flow, fttt, gggg, gusd, haat, hhoo, hhpp, jamm, janz,

      jenn, jess, jjjj, juum, karr, kell, kilian, kppp, krea, laaa, laaf, laam, lian,

      lkkk, loli, mart, mast, matt, mice, mick, napr, nast, nipp, noose, olia,

      paaap, paap, paat, pass, pchoo, pika, plane, ploo, prrr, qqqq, rraa,

      saaad, saat, salaam, salam, salm, salmon, saloom, saloon, sass, sedd,

      soom, sooms, sosp, ssss, stev, tarek, tass, what, xsii, xuuu, yaya, yuua,

      zane, zazs, zmmm, zxxz]]

      Then go to "Line Play" and follow the rest of Riiri's instructions! Good luck!

    2. thanks! this list helped out a lot! :)

  17. The hell is wrong... No need to download all that L match shit! Just think of other ID Line account and add those people, well maybe2/10 people youve add witll play the lineplay the other dont so just add those people.

  18. hi there, how to remove friend from friend list ya?

    1. click the option in the right top corner than click your friend you wish to delete then click done... there you have it she or he will gone
      btw add me angela im a cat pink cat

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I also finished the 200 invite thing and I want more gems :C you said that Line Play 2.0 offers more possibilities D: is that true? and, do you know how to do? please I really need it u.u
      I'll add you, my nickname is Teruki. thanks a lot! ^^

  20. I know this was from a while ago, but when I did this, I still had 150 invites left and then all of a sudden they stopped working and whenever I go to it, it just says "invite" without the "1,000" next to it.

  21. Hey my name in line play is "Raneem aka vampire" please add me. DC-0103-3600

  22. I can't find any L! MATCH apk on the web, can anybody share it? Thanks

  23. I could not find L! match either, so I tried the cafe app by Naver instead. I just went into an old cafe room that most people have not replied to in a while and used those usernames. Hope that helps!

  24. Come and visit mine!! =)

  25. Guys! LISTEN! So now I know what L Match is. Just go to the Play Store, (for android users) then search L Match. It will give you a result of a app called ,"BAND" and, it is powered by LINE. I think that is L Match, because it matches with LINE, they are pretty much the same. So I think if you download it, you can maybe invite 200 more friends to invite in LP, because there is another line app....

  26. I don't have L! Match for Android :c

  27. Just did random add now and was overjoyed when it worked.
    Used this also to add to the list:

  28. Add my line id:livetunekz

  29. Does anyone know any working real hacks/cheats to get more gems? I don't want to spent $100 :/ This method isn't a cheat, it is just something people may not know

    I done the invite thing and it was maxed out at 200. Which meant I got 200,000 ... but it was spent too fast. (no way I got that much) Needed far more to finish my room :(

    Tried many downloads but they are all viruses and programs from survey pop ups that install onto my computer

    1. Im looking for this too :((

  30. The cheat isn't working! It only has "Recommended" not "Line Friends"! Was it fixed???

  31. I already add tons of people and I already get many gems but last time when im inbite friends there is no word +1000 gems and when Iinvited I didnt get anything please help me!

  32. Teeratat@live.com